A Year’s Difference


photo: DafneCholet


Last April found us stressed to the max and worrying about the future.

Our daughter’s future, to be exact. She was in the last months of her 3rd grade year, and we weren’t sure if the next school year would find her moving on to 4th grade or repeating the 3rd. She was failing Science, and dangerously close to failing other subjects, too.

I was incredibly stressed during this time, not only about her grades, but also because of her terrible behavior. She was whiny, defiant, and just BAD. I lamented over my headstrong girl, who has been challenging me since the day she was born.

A year ago, I was writing about being at a complete loss about how to help my daughter.

This year, I have no worries that she may not move on to the 5th grade in the fall. She may not make honor roll every report card, but she gets pretty darn close to it if she doesn’t.

This year, I don’t see frequent notes from the teacher about her behavior. Do they even still send bad notes in 4th grade? I haven’t gotten one in so long, and I love it.

This year, she comes home from school with big smiles on her pretty little face.

This year, even though we still clash over homework on occasion (especially math!) it’s rarely ever the kind of clash that leaves us both in tears.

This year, her room is still messy 90% of the time, and she still balks when I ask her to do her chores. But instead of yelling and crying like I did last year, I close the door to her room and stand my ground. I choose my battles.

She’s a happier kid this year, and it’s obvious to almost everyone…not just me. And that makes me a much happier mama.


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