I took this photo in the early part of June. It is a walking path around a large pond, in almost the farthest area of our county.


It is where my son’s cross country team meets up for running practice. It is also where I sometimes get some walking and thinking done.

When I took this picture, I remember being struck by the view…it was so serene, so peaceful. Lily pads on the water, a nice breeze to counteract the 90+ degree heat. At that time of the morning, not many people were there…just me, my son, and a couple of people out for a stroll.

Honestly…that day is probably the last truly peaceful day I’ve had since the summer started. Now it’s all kids arguing, dogs barking, chaos in my house 24/7.

When does school start again?


Mama Kat's Writers Workshop

Shake Off The Dust

Tap, Tap. Is this thing on? This summer has proven to be quite a busy one. The kids keep us hopping pretty much every day! Monkey has his cross country running club meet ups three mornings a week, and only just finished up his Scouting for the year. He and JB recently ventured off on a week long camping trip, which of course...was difficult … keep reading...

It Works For Me: CalenGoo App

Droste Clock

Chances are, if you have more than one child, or even just one find yourself staying pretty busy on a regular basis. The older my kids get, the more activities they want to do, and it seems like my husband and I are constantly running the family taxi service to get them to each one. So how do you keep your family's schedules … keep reading...

Long Weekend, Family Time!

Family Reunion 2014

Memorial Day weekend is always a travel weekend for us! It is the weekend that I get to see all my family (my mother's side anyway!) and often several good friends from home. I was a little bummed because I had to cut my visit short by a day...I wasn't able to get the holiday off work, meaning we had to leave earlier than usual so I could work … keep reading...

It’s A…

Baby E

Rewind to January of this year. My brother sends me a message asking me if I could possibly make sure to be off work and able to visit the hometown around October 6th. I was confused, because while that particular date does mean something to ME (my oldest nephew’s birthday is that day), I couldn’t think of what it meant for him. He finally … keep reading...

10 Things To Smile About: May 2014

10 Things To Smile About in May

1. No more school! Bring on the summer fun My kids finished school this past Friday. Diva got an award for Chorus and “Smiles For Miles” from her teacher. Monkey got an award for making Honor roll the entire year. So incredibly proud of my babies! 2. I got to see my family this past weekend! I haven’t seen them since before Christmas, so a … keep reading...

Summer Bucket List 2014


Last year, I created a Summer Bucket List for our family. While we did cross some things off the list during the summer, I think I was just a little over ambitious with my list! There was lots of things that we just ran out of time to do. But the kids really seemed to enjoy the list, so I decided we would do another Summer Bucket List this … keep reading...

Stitch Fix #10

Stitch Fix Wynn Polka Dot

I am not your typical girl. I hate to go shopping. There. I said it. Stitch Fix is like having your own personal stylist...who picks out clothes and accessories based on your profile, and you have three days to try things on. If you like it, keep it...if you don't, send it back! What are you waiting for? Go try it! I have mixed feelings … keep reading...

Great Day For Some Baseball!

Baseball Game

Recently, I was able to score free tickets to a local minor league baseball game. We have loved watching this team play ball ever since we moved here! The kids were quite excited that I got the tickets, and on the way into the stadium, they repeatedly hugged me saying, "Thank you for being our Mama!" It's good to be appreciated. … keep reading...

Divide and Conquer!

May Gymnastics Showcase

Saturday was quite the busy day for our family! Monkey signed up to do his first 5K in a while, and the proceeds were to benefit his school's athletic department. The turn out was pretty good, considering that a Color Run was held in the next city that same day! His finish time wasn't what he had hoped for, but he has not run since track season … keep reading...