Finding alternative ways to read!

The App Review

This month’s app review is a relatively new discovery for me, but it has become a heavily used one! OverDrive Media Console is an easy way for busy moms like me to log some reading time…even if you can’t sit down and physically read a book!

I currently have OverDrive installed on both my iPad and my iPhone. I primarily use the app on my iPhone, because I can plug in my ear buds, slide the phone into my pocket, and do whatever I need to do. I also use the iPhone app a LOT when I’m driving to and from work…that’s almost an extra hour of “reading” time I wouldn’t otherwise have gotten in. The cool thing is that OverDrive One (if you choose to sign up for the account) will sync your progress in the book between the devices!

You can add libraries to download the audiobooks from…mine is Georgia Download Destination. I had actually been downloading e-books from that website for several years, before I even knew the app and audiobooks possibility even existed!

OverDrive Media Console

OverDrive Media Console


The app is available for almost all devices. The OverDrive One account will sync your book progress between devices the app is installed on. You can speed up or slow down the audiobook’s narration…I usually listen to mine at 1.25 speed. There is an option that every time you restart the app, it can repeat the last 15 seconds or so…which helps me quickly remember where I was in the story when I was last listening to it. You can also place holds and download directly from the app. The app’s website has an extensive help section, as well as videos to help you get started.

OverDrive Media Console


The OverDrive One option doesn’t allow you to download a file to one device and it automatically sync to another device; you have to download the files to each device you want to use it on. Once you click download on a particular title, there is no option to return the title…you have to wait for it to expire, counting against your checkout limit. I have come across a few titles that tell me borrowing is disabled, and that’s disappointing…but it may be related to the particular library, not the app.


Do you listen to audiobooks? How do you listen to them?

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