When You’re Far Away…

When You're Far AwayIt’s been five years since we moved away from our hometown (and families.)

I won’t lie…that first year was incredibly difficult for me. I wanted to move back home pretty much every day. I cried all the time. I hated being here. I hated being away. But I stuck it out. WE stuck it out. We built our life here, and now we are quite happy.

And yet, Frustration #1 remains active all these years later…we are always expected to travel home, for everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy our hometown trips immensely. And I realize that we are the only ones who don’t live there still, and yes, it makes more sense for us to go than make everybody come here.

But it gets old. This time of the year is especially rough, with the holidays…we inevitably make the trip for Thanksgiving, and then just a couple weeks later, we go again for Christmas. This year, we’ve already made extra recent trips for baby showers and Baby E’s birth.

So what brought on this frustrated rambling, you may ask? We announced we weren’t coming home for Thanksgiving this year. There are numerous reasons for the decision…but whether anyone understands them or not remains to be seen.

  • I am scheduled to work Thanksgiving day this year…meaning we wouldn’t be there for the actual holiday anyway.
  • With a shortened weekend (because I have to return to work the following Monday) we would have to cram in Thanksgiving dinners with two families in one day. And having done that before, I can say it’s not fun.
  • I don’t want to board my dogs for 5 days for us to travel. They don’t like it, especially Jackson…and it will cost a small fortune to board two dogs for that long over a holiday weekend. And we would have to board them because I feel my mother silently judging me every time I bring my dogs to her house.
  • It feels like we are always on the road. We rarely have a weekend to ourselves, because we are either traveling or doing something with the kids’ activities. I love the idea of being able to actually enjoy a holiday in my own home for a change.
  • If one holiday has to give, I’d rather visit my family for Christmas anyway.

Am I being completely selfish?

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