10 Things To Smile About: February 2014

February never fails to be a busy month for us…because that is my son’s birthday month! Between planning whatever he wants to do for his birthday to making it happen, I don’t always have a lot of free time to spare!

  1. Earlier this month, I did my very first guest post! It was a little nerve wracking figuring out what I wanted to write about, but in the end, I simply wrote what I wanted to say.
  2. Why I Blog

  3. My handsome son…the boy who first called me ‘Mama’…he became a teenager this month! I’m still in shock that I can possibly have a 13 year old child.
  4. 13th Birthday

  5. His birthday weekend was spent with a friend staying over, going out to dinner, hanging at the skating rink, and finally, museum hopping for Super Museum Sunday.
  6. The Mighty 8th

  7. We batted around a huge decision this month, whether we should stay here in the city we have lived for the last four years, or move closer to our families. While we all would like to be closer to family, ultimately, we are all quite happy here. I think our final decision is to simply stay put at this time…and possibly revisit this discussion in a year or two.
  8. Home

  9. Between January and now, I’ve gotten a ton of reading done…in part, because of my recent discovery of audiobook love!
  10. OverDrive Media Console

  11. My parents paid us a visit the weekend after Monkey’s birthday. I always love spending time with them! They also brought belated birthday gifts from my brother, which Monkey was quite excited about.
  12. Gift From Uncle G

  13. I managed to get Diva’s room spotless, and after being promised a dollar for each day she kept it clean by her daddy, it stayed that way for a whole week. Aaaaand then she somehow managed to topple over her chest of drawers with a large TV set on top, and ruined that. Thank goodness she’s okay, she only ended up with a big bruised knot behind her ear…it could have been so much worse!
  14. Furniture Oops

    1. We found out that some good friends from back home will be moving here this coming weekend! We are excited to have them here.
    2. This past weekend was one the boys’ camping weekends. (Last month, Diva injured her toe while they were gone; this month, she is almost crushed by falling furniture. Go figure.) We took the opportunity to have a girls weekend, and saw Frozen, went shopping, and gave each other manicures at home.
    3. My brother and his wife made the official announcement this weekend…they are having a baby! I’ll be a 5 time Auntie this fall :)

    The Promotion


    What made you smile this month?


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