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Every February, the Georgia Historical Society hosts Super Museum Sunday…a day when over 40 different museums and historical sites around the Coastal Empire are free and open to the public.

My family LOVES this yearly event, and we spend the week leading up to it poring over the map and looking up the places we might want to visit. We’ve discovered so many new and interesting places here, and even though some of the places offer a limited view on this free day, it’s enough to make us want to visit certain places again later! I am so happy that my kids love doing this.

Last year, we toured The Mighty 8th Museum, the UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium, and Flannery O’Conner’s childhood home, in addition to a couple other places. This year, we let our son choose the places we visited. It was his birthday weekend, after all! We only chose three locations this year, because everything we wanted to visit was pretty geographically spread out.

Savannah-Ogeechee Canal Museum

This was the first place we visited, once I convinced my son and his friend to STEP AWAY FROM THE XBOX. I wasn’t sure why Monkey wanted to see the canal museum, but I wasn’t arguing! The museum itself was small, but had lots of great artifacts inside. The best part was walking along the canal. I must have snapped 200 photos during that walk! I wouldn’t mind going back, maybe in the spring, when all the flowers and azaleas are blooming…and see the butterfly garden.

Savannah Ogeechee Canal Museum

Savannah Ogeechee Canal Musuem

Savannah Ogeechee Canal Musuem

My loves at the Savannah Ogeechee Canal Musuem

Georgia Salzburger Society

This historic spot is not too far from our home. I think Monkey had been reading about the Salzburgers in school and knew about this place…he’d actually been wanting to visit it for a good while, but we just hadn’t had the time to go. We didn’t spend a ton of time here because Monkey’s friend wasn’t feeling very well at that time (I think lunch didn’t agree with him.) But the collection of buildings housed so much information about the Salzburgers and how they came to this area. There were lots of items donated to the society from families descended from the Salzburgers, and as I read the tags I actually recognized several surnames of people we know here.

The last picture is of the Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church located on the property. It was built in 1769, and it’s the only building that remains of the original colonial town. We were told about a tour inside the church, but I guess we missed that while we were walking around the other buildings. :(

Georgia Salzburger Society
Georgia Salzburger Society
Georgia Salzburger Society

National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force

Yes, we visited this place last year…but it was so extraordinarily crowded then that it was a little difficult to see everything offered for the throngs of people. We almost didn’t go to the Mighty 8th, because the afternoon was getting late and it’s hours for Super Museum Sunday would be over at 5 pm. But we decided to give it a shot, and we spent our final hour and a half there! And by that late in the day, it wasn’t nearly as crowded as last year. There are so very many exhibits, and you could literally wander around all day looking and reading. I still feel like I missed things, and this is a place we definitely want to spend a good chunk of time in another day.

The Mighty 8th

The Mighty 8th
The Mighty 8th
The Mighty 8th

It was a terrifically fun day, and I can’t wait for next year’s Super Museum Sunday! I love looking through all the photos I took of our museum adventures…and what I’ve shown you here is, of course, nowhere near all of them. Just my favorites!

But by far, my absolute favorite photo from the day is one that I snapped of my children, who had no idea I was taking the picture. But in this photo, I caught them at their best. I’m seriously considering framing this one, so when they are arguing and yelling at each other, I can look at this photo and remind myself that they DO actually love each other.

They do like each other!



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    What a wonderful and fun time! I love places like that. I have big plans this summer to take my kids to all the local museums and historical sites. Until now I wasn’t sure they would be old enough to really appreciate it but I think they’re getting there ;) That last pic is definitely frame worthy!
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