Smile, Sneeze, Sniff

Despite being a bit under the weather this week, I have found a few reasons to smile through the sniffles and sneezes…

  1. JB just found out that he’s getting a rather sizable bonus at work soon. Yay! (goes back to planning major home renovations projects…)
  2. My daughter’s room no longer looks like three tornadoes hit it. Hallelujah!
  3. I have a new Speed Light flash for my camera. It is awesomeness. My kids might think otherwise, since I’m all up in their faces with it now…
  4. I thought my less than stellar neighbors were moving out. Turns out, there seems to be a separation and/or divorce thing happening…it appears that Loudmouth Wife and Psychopath Daughter moved out. Which leaves Creepy Neighbor, but at least he’s quiet and mostly keeps to himself.
  5. We found out this week that some friends from back home are moving here March 1st! (And yeah, I was kind of hoping for a minute there that they could move in across the street when the above mentioned neighbors vacated. So much for that!)

And of course, these little people always put a smile on my face!

Kids in the game chair

Diva and Jackson

Mama Kat's Writers Workshop


  1. Mj

    I’m totally envious of your speed light flash – and YAY for unexpected bonuses! But seriously, I would be happiest of all the happiness in the happiest world if my less than stellar neighbors would suddenly get a wild hair and move to Alaska or somewhere.
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