The New Option

February 26th…a day I had dreaded/looked forward to for almost two months.

It was our first follow-up appointment with Monkey’s neurologist…originally scheduled to be 6 months after he started this wonderful medication that was supposed to cure his migraine pain. Instead, it turned into our 3 month follow-up appointment after our world flipped upside down, and he stopped taking said wonderful medication. During our last conversation with his neurologist, we were told we could explore other treatment options in February.

In the weeks leading up to the appointment, I researched every migraine medication I could think of. I was desperately trying to find something my son could take for his migraine headaches that didn’t list depression and “increased risk for suicidal thoughts” in children as a side effect. And you know what? I was coming up empty.

Even the medications that I remember discussing with the neurologist 6 months ago listed that as a side effect. Knowing how badly my son reacted to the nortriptyline, I am beyond hesitant to let him take anything remotely similar ever again. (please note: I’m not saying this medication has this effect on every child who takes it…but it wasn’t right for MY child. My nephew has taken something very similar for years and has no ill effects whatsoever. )

This month alone, he’s left school early twice due to a migraine, left for school one morning in tears because his head hurt so bad (but he didn’t want to miss any more school), and has had to take his as needed migraine medication numerous times. We keep up with it on a calendar in the kitchen, because he’s only supposed to use it so many times a week.

The poor kid. He’s practically a carbon copy of me. We were talking about that recently, how much alike we are…he started the conversation by saying he didn’t understand why he got so emotional about little things. I told him he’s been very tenderhearted ever since he was a baby, and he hates the thought of disappointing anyone. He pushes himself too hard often, and he gets easily frustrated. In short, he’s the younger male version of ME. Sometimes I feel like I genetically cursed him with practically every flaw I possess…my pale, easily burned skin; my diminutive height; my quick temper; my overly emotional tendencies; and my blasted migraines.

I often wonder if my mother ever felt like this, seeing me miserable with my migraine headaches day after day.

The good news is, we had a great appointment. He was given a new treatment option that I’d not heard of, never ever dreamed of…let alone known to research. Periactin…an ANTIHISTAMINE. It has been shown to work well in kids and teens in preventing migraine headaches. Primary side effect is weight gain. I’d much rather handle that than ever seeing my son depressed again! (And since he’s such an avid runner, I’m not too terribly concerned about weight gain.)

He’s been taking the Periactin (at the smallest dose) for a week now…the trick is, we are still figuring out the best time for him to take it at night, so that he’s not too groggy in the mornings. But! Not one migraine since he started taking it.

Maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel, after all.


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  1. Mj

    I’m glad there’s another option for him and that it seems to be working so far. With all the advances in medicine something will be the best fit for him – it’s just a matter of figuring it out.
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