The Promotion…

The Promotion

Last October, my brother and his wife had to deal with some shattering news.

My heart was breaking for them, and even more so when they both said that they might not try to have a another baby. They were too scared that it would end the same way. I tried to be respectful of their decision at that time, but I also tried to put their fear of a repeat ectopic to rest…working in women’s health for the last 15 years, and taking care of many high risk pregnancies, I had seen so many successful births after heartbreaking losses.

And then in January, my brother gave me the surprising news that I would be an Auntie again around October of this year. I had just finished a hard day at work and my brain wasn’t functioning quite well enough to mentally calculate how many weeks my sister-in-law was based on the due date he’d given me. It honestly wasn’t until the next day that I realized that DANG! She was still practically 5 minutes pregnant.

Obviously, after the previous loss, they weren’t planning to tell anybody except immediate family at that time. While I was ecstatic at the news, and so very excited for my brother and his wife, another part of me was almost wishing he hadn’t told me so early…because now I was going to be a nervous wreck for them and I couldn’t even tell anybody about it!

Thankfully, this baby is exactly where he or she needs to be, and is growing quite nicely! Also, since they announced it officially this weekend, I can spread the joyous news!

Great sisters get promoted to Aunts :)

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    • Stacey

      I *love* being an aunt to all four of my nephews…it’s such a joy to spoil them and be able to send them back to their parents. bahaha! I don’t what they are hoping for, but I’m secretly hoping for a niece finally!

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