The Toy Hit-List

Ugh. Those toys!

You know the ones. They are the toys that you would almost never buy your own children, but other people see fit to inflict their terror on your home.

Every parent has at least one toy that threatens to be their undoing…and I’m sure my list may differ from yours.  Many toys make my bad list simply because my kids are extremely messy, and refuse to pick up their stuff. And honestly, my current list of dreaded toys is much different than it was a few years ago, because my kids have outgrown some of my former adversaries.

Without further delay, these are the top 3 toys on my hit list…

1. Lego’s


Oh, don’t look at me like that. You know you can’t stand these things, either! Stepping on these things in the middle of the night when you walking through a dark room is like pure unadulterated torture.

I have NEVER purchased Lego’s for either of my children, and yet my son somehow has 5 billion of them. (thanks, grandparents!) I have threatened death by vacuum to any Lego piece that has been unfortunately left in the floor.

It doesn’t help that Lego’s have made a resurgence of popularity in my home thanks to a certain movie.

2. Beads


Now, don’t get me wrong. I love beads, and one of my favorite past times is making beaded jewelry. That said, this past Christmas when I watched my daughter open her gift of an 11,000 beads kit at a family party, I truly felt nauseated. I immediately knew it was going to be a huge problem, and I knew there would beads on every floor of my home before too long. And yet, when the gift giver asked me, “Is that gift okay?” I flashed a fake smile, sounded a phony little laugh, and said, “Uh, yeah! I’m sure she will love it.”

I have spent the last two months finding tiny, colored plastic beads everywhere I look. Even all the way in my bathroom! And then I realized what was happening. My precious 9 year old daughter had apparently thought the 11,000 beads looked awesome scattered throughout the carpet of her room. Since she also loves to throw clothes all over her room, she was probably picking up beads with her dirty clothes before bringing them to my bathroom.

These have also been threatened with the vacuum of doom. However, my vacuum doesn’t seem to want to suck up the beads…but she doesn’t know that.

3. Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom

Yeah, yeah. I know this is one of the hottest toys of the year. And I told my mom it was okay for her to give one to Diva for Christmas, against my better judgement. Sure, she can make some pretty cool bracelets using it, and she just loves to give me bracelets made of rubber bands.

Let’s face it, I’m not one of those moms who is watching hours of YouTube videos on how to make these bracelets so I can help my little one get better at this craft. I have attempted to become better at making these little creations, but I just don’t have the patience! And my stars, have you guys checked out the different things that can be made on Pinterest? Difficulty level: insanity.

Honestly, it’s not the rainbow loom I’m taking issue with…it’s the freaking rubber bands. My daughter got two kits of them, totaling somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,000 bands. I think we have established that Diva is not the neatest of children, and couple 6,000 rubber bands with 11,000 beads…I suppose you can imagine my frustration.

If you are sensing a pattern here, you would be absolutely right. I can’t stand anything that comes with multiple pieces.

Dear grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends…please take note, m’kay? I don’t want to feel guilty because your past gifts end up in the canister of my vacuum anymore.

Do you share my thoughts? Are there any toys that you would add to this list?


  1. Kat Curling

    hahah I have LEGOS EVERYWHERE in my house. Its crazy.. but its kind of a family past time to put them together. My son is 5 and loves them and he can follow the instructions and put them together himself almost completely so I feel there some sort of skill learned there but once they’re put together the get smashes and lost and wind up getting stepped on. It’s a love hate thing.

    I’d add toy animals to this. we have a massive collection of animals and creatures that need to be cut down for sure haha.

  2. Moira @ Hearth and Homefront

    Legos have become the BANE of my existence. Two boys who love them means we have approximately two billion in the house. I find them everywhere, and I’ll admit that I get a sad sort of satisfaction when I vacuum them up! I’d also have to add goggly eyes from art projects to this list. I don’t buy them and yet I am constantly finding them- for some reason especially in my closet! Completely freaks me out.
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  3. Mj

    Oh my. Can we talk about Play-Doh for a minute here? I totally agree with you about all the things with tiny parts, but you see, with Play-Doh, it has ALL THE PARTS and ALL THE PARTS get ground into the carpet, stuck to the walls, trapped under the couch cushions… And it’s not like you can just vacuum it up (like I do with loom bands and tiny Legos) because Play-Doh clogs up the vacuum. Wanna know how I know this?
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    • Stacey

      Haha. I can imagine! Play-Doh isn’t something either of my kids really got into much, thank goodness. The few containers of it they did get conveniently were left open and got dried out. No idea who could have done that. ;)

  4. Angel The Alien says:

    I think Legos are the hardest ever to clean up! I am working in a special ed classroom, and the kids get free time at the end of the day, and there is a kid who dumps out the whole box of Legos every single day. It takes forever to clean up all of those little tiny pieces! But if we took the Legos away, the kids would probably go on strike.
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    • Stacey

      Every time I go in to clean up my son’s room, I painstakingly collect every single Lego and put it in a huge box with all the others. It never takes long for me to see them scattered all over the place! But kids love these things, so…I deal with it! lol

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