What I’m Into: February 2014

What I’m Loving:

Still loving my photography classes! My belated Valentines gift from JB was an external flash for my camera, and I’ve been having a blast learning how to use it.

Gift From Uncle G

Sweet Diva

Savannah Ogeechee Canal Musuem

Super Museum Sunday happened in our area this month, and that’s always fun for our family. I got some really great photos while we were exploring.

The Mighty 8th

They do like each other!

The Mighty 8th


Sunshine! Warm days! After having two Southern Ice Apocalypses in one month, it’s nice to have blue skies, sunshine, and springlike temperatures. (Although it would be nice if Mother Nature would pick a season and stick with it.)


What I’m Reading:

I slowed down a bit in February…two illnesses, a kid’s birthday weekend, and visits from family kept me from getting much reading done. This month, I read Happy Chaos by Soleil Moon Frye…it was just okay for me! By far, the best book I read this month was Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many highlights and bookmarks I ended up with by the time I finished it.

I am currently reading The Rosie Project, which is an odd book…but it’s actually good. I also have Nicholas Sparks’ The Best of Me in progress, too…it’s been a while since I read one of his books.

What I’m Watching:

Still tuning into Downton Abbey each week! Who does Mary end up with?? I’m still so far behind every other show, it’s not even funny!

Movie-wise, my daughter and I had a girls weekend, and saw Frozen! Loved it! Loved Olaf especially :)


What I’m Listening To:

Ah. My current favorite song is Dark Horse by Katy Perry. LOVE. THIS. SONG. (I would embed the video here, but it’s incredibly weird and tacky…so, uh, no. I’ll stick to the song.)

Best on The Blog:

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So what were you into this month?

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